01 April, 2010

More Coffee Please

I love getting coffee in the mail!

I'll be tasting the following courtesy of my family in the west:

Lighthouse Roasters: Yemen
Batdorf & Bronson: Dancing Goats Blend

I also have some Fiddleheads Guatemala to try.

I'll try to post my thoughts soon!!



  1. There are two roasters here that I want your opinion on and as soon as I have a tad extra $ I will send you some. One is a woman I worked for at Full City Coffee Roasters years ago who left to start her own business...the other is called the Wandering Goat and I don't know much about it except that all the new hip Eugeneians that we are meeting say it is all the rage...I'm not so sure.
    when I do get in what should I try to find for you for you to get the best sense of the quality of their roasting practices?

  2. so by new hip Eugeneians you mean good smelling hippies right?

  3. I'd order their espresso blend and brew it at home in pour over or press. I think an espresso blend can be a good indicator of quality...but not necessarily what a general roast profile is. Getting a few single origins can help with determining a general approach to their roasting style....

    I'm pretensious and judgemental so I would find out what they roast on and what they brew with and assess their investment in quality on that...