25 August, 2010

Home Roasting

Not really sure if it would fly(or be profitable), but I can picture a retail shop where small batches of greens are roasted on home roasters (in the cafe) for in store use. Full-on cafe, just using home-roasted beans. Could also sell greens and roasting equipment to interested home roasters... Really bring attention to the craft of coffee roasting...maybe even have a little shop roaster to get a little better consistency for the in-cafe needs....

Anyway...could be pretty fun.


20 August, 2010

Stop huffing and start brewing

What a cool idea (exchanging heat for pressure in brewing)... it would be quite fun to mess around with...

The blogs he references seem pretty cool too at first glance for those interested in food.

Another random idea for those who can switch your elements off and still run your pump (synesso)...cold brew a shot and see what it tastes like...probably too short of an extraction but maybe if you grind superfine and run 12oz water or so....???

Let me know if you try it...i'd be curious to taste.

15 August, 2010

The Java Den at 1022...happy 1 year!

Ben has been operating Java Den at 1022 since it opened last August. I have had the pleasure of servicing his equipment, but more enjoying his skilled, sincere and honest approach to great coffee. If you haven't visited his cafe you should...it is crammed between W. Johnson and University Ave. just West of the UW business school building (1022 W. Johnson). He serves Kickapoo and usually has a couple of different espresso's available.

Rumor has it he'll have free espresso sometime next week!

Happy 1 year Java Den!

I Hate Single Origin Espresso

I wish I could articulate half as well as Mark Prince:

The Verve training video is pretty spectacular...
I look forward to part 2!!

**Update: I don't hate it...but I largely...(almost completely) agree with Mark...

**And I would also add that I think it an unfortunate reality that the specialty coffee culture and its associated pursuits and fads look to barista competitions for inspiration. More on my opinion about competitions effect on our sub-culture here.