26 July, 2010


We made a quick trip down to Chicago to pick up a dear friend so I took the opportunity to stop by Wormhole coffee. One of the things I enjoyed most about the experience is that while this shop is about quality coffee it is also about 1980's/early 90's nostalgia. Not that quality coffee isn't an important thing but I think we can all get a bit too serious about it! It was nice drinking my espresso while seeing a replica back to the future delorean up close.

I had:
Espresso: Red Line, by Metropolis Coffee
Machine: Mirage Veloce, by Kees van der Westen.

Pour-over (Hario V-60): Costa Rica, by Ugly Mug Coffee

I thought:
The espresso was very good...Sweet chocolate, honey and red-fruit and rather balanced. Really, quite enjoyable. It was the highlight (other than the BTTF Delorean in the front window) of the visit.

The pour over wasn't that great. Hard to tell if it was the coffee, the extraction, or both. It had some nice lemon as it started to cool, but first and lasting impressions were a bit sour. Body wasn't that great (although it was a pour-over)...I was hoping for a creamy body and some tart flavors...but never found them. I should have ordered the Metropolis Kenya off the Fetco brewer.

The aesthetics of the shop were very cool. Dominated by Star Wars and Back To The Future, but plenty of other iconic 1980's pieces of pop culture too.

I reccomend you check it out the next time you find yourself in Chicago!

25 July, 2010

Wormhole Coffee - Chicago, IL

Got a chance to visit wormhole today.

Coming soon....the coffee, the machine, the aesthetics...