12 March, 2010

Go Coffee Go

I just signed up for this site...my Dad recommended it to me.

I kind of like the music player that plays during your browsing...! Apparently they are out of San Fransisco...



  1. Just ordered the Verve: GuatSanPedro and StreetLevel Espresso. I'll share my thoughts and if you find yourself in my house I'll share the coffee...

  2. As a consumer and a professional how did you like using the site? I ask as a concerned party and also because I thought it seemed great if I weren't a professional coffee geek.

  3. As a consumer I thought it was petty cool. The browsing is fun with the audio player playing in the background while I hop around the site. They have their imaging down perfect, very consistent...everything is marketed well and it was kind of interesting feeling like I was in a shop that was well branded/decorated/etc. yet I was online. Also, as I consumer I thought...am I being duped....why don't I just go to the roasters web site and buy it direct? I would have saved approx $3 on my last order of 24oz. of coffee. I had an email follow up and got an email when the coffee shipped. I could track my shipment right on the gocoffeego web site...that was all very well done. I like the concept of bringing hq roasters from around the country to one place...but at the same time a bit pointless...most people who are interested in these roasters would probably just buy direct anyway...I guess we'll see if they are successful as time goes by...

  4. I'm glad that your sentiments mirrored mine in a lot of ways: the ease of navigation and the general look of the website were unique. I also felt the same way about having all of us roasters together, both in a good way and the not so good way of; Why not just by from us directly? but I hope it works out, if for no other reason then it's one more way to get the word out about great coffee.

  5. Hi Guys, I just wanted to give you all an update. GoCoffeeGo now ships exclusively USPS! 1-2 coffees ship for $4.95 flat :) That is home or office delivery. No extra surcharges. We also have free shipping deals that change every Monday.

    Thanks for the props, too. We worked so hard on creating the site and want everyone to love it. Our customers range from major coffee geeks to the average coffee drinker who wants the good stuff.
    If anyone ever has any questions or comments, I am always here to help.