25 August, 2010

Home Roasting

Not really sure if it would fly(or be profitable), but I can picture a retail shop where small batches of greens are roasted on home roasters (in the cafe) for in store use. Full-on cafe, just using home-roasted beans. Could also sell greens and roasting equipment to interested home roasters... Really bring attention to the craft of coffee roasting...maybe even have a little shop roaster to get a little better consistency for the in-cafe needs....

Anyway...could be pretty fun.



  1. You could rent out time on the small shop roaster to home roaster yearning to go big. Often felt that the home roaster market is untapped in Madison at the store level at least.

  2. i agree...lots of home brewers (beer) around so it seems like a natural interest to roast your own...

  3. Definitely sounds fun! I'm trying to get a hold of a small drum roaster for home (only $750 to go...) and when I (eventually) start my shop it'd be cool to use it there. Getting green beans at a good price could be hard though...

  4. Hey Eric, What kind are you saving for? If it is too big (over 2# batch capacity) I would stay away from electric unless the elements are super-hi wattage...tough to keep the roaster hot enough for the roast...I had a 5# iron-drum electric and it did ok, but in the end wasn't worth the $...