15 May, 2010

'fair' trade, 'direct' trade, 'transparent' trade, 'i really like my farmer' trade, 'i want to market coffee like this to sell more' trade

You have probably already seen this, but I wanted to at least share a link here and get some thoughts and discussion on the topic of green coffee purchasing. I have not read the report but I have to say that in my opinion it is uber-respectful to put it all out there and tell your customers what it is you bought, who you bought it from, for how much, and what you are doing for the farm(er). I also think it is a great move from a marketing standpoint when so many roasters are telling a story of the farmer, but have no real relationship or communication with the individual or organization that produced their coffee.

I'll read the report and maybe share more...

gotta go,


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  1. that report is a fantastic example of what I think all roasters should be doing, ourselves included. we try and be as transparent as possible and pay premiums like Counter Culture but it's good to see a concise representation put out there. Hopefully this will continue to help people realize that premiums for quality are the most sustainable model we can hope for.